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GAINING GROUND, a feature-length documentary film, tells the stories of farmers making extraordinary changes in their farming practices so they can feed their local communities sustainably grown produce and grains. From farms in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley to underserved communities of color in Richmond, California, GAINING GROUND reveals the ingenuity and courage of these diverse urban and rural farmers, committed to serving and empowering their communities. The documentary interweaves experiences of urban farmer-activists in inner city Richmond, California; a small family farm in rural Oregon converting from a commodity dairy to a sustainably grown produce farm; and a large farm in the Willamette Valley transitioning from grass seed to organic grains.

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Fighting Goliath, a new radio documentary by veteran producer Barbara Bernstein, looks at the frenetic exploitation of the Canadian tar sands and its rippling effects across the continent. The documentary focuses on two unfolding stories: an industrial megaload truck route through wild and scenic river corridors in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies, for transporting massive mining equipment from Korea to the tar sands pits in Alberta, and two pipeline proposals to transport diluted bitumen over the Canadian Rockies from Northern Alberta to the British Columbia coast, crossing First Nations lands and traversing a thousand pristine salmon streams.

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heavy weather

HEAVY WEATHER, a radio documentary by Barbara Bernstein, explores the connections between increasing extreme weather and our changing climate and landscapes.


sculpted by fire

SCULPTED BY FIRE takes us on a journey into a landscape that for thousands of years has been shaped by fire. But now these wildlands of the west are at the epicenter of a political conflagration.

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URBAN GREEN looks at how our connection to the place where we live is strengthened by eating locally grown food and learning to relate to the watershed we live in, as we search for the ribbons of green in the city that connect us to the natural world.





Without the Salmon there would be no Pacific Northwest as we know it. Yet since 1991, most of the salmon runs in the Northwest have been listed as threatened or endangered. Producer Barbara Bernstein takes us on a journey into the land of salmon, why they are so significant and what it will take to keep them from disappearing.


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